About Us

A new way to organize, share, and enjoy
your favorite hobby:...sailing!

We love sailing and we want to do it the right way.

That's why we have developed this site. We think that the best way to fully enjoy a vacation sailing is to start with a good organization.

It is another way to start sailing from the couch, days and days before the trip begins.

What you see today is only o small piece of what we intend to offer you. We continue to develop the site piece by piece for giving you the best for organizing trip all over the workd.

Are you wondering what you can do?

Here some hints:

  • a unique place to fully organize your sail trip: before, during and after;
  • create your own cruise (with the privileges you choose);
  • create the crew, or ...;
  • let them find your cruise;
  • plan the path;
  • organize the camboose, and ...;
  • assign tasks;
  • organize your pictures and ... ;
  • group the pictures of the entire crew;
  • share with friends (only what you decide to share!);
  • go social;
  • promote your cruise (if you wish)

Examples of cruises:

Vagabond of the South Seas (Un vagabondo dei mari del sud)

Elba 2006